Privacy Policy

Get an in-depth explanation of how we collect, utilize, safeguard or otherwise manage your Personal Identifiable Information by reading our privacy policy.

  1. What personal information do we collect if you're a visitor to our website?
    Visitors to our site do not provide us with any personal information.

  2. How and when do we gather data?
    When you fill out a form or enter information on our contact us page, we gather information.

  3. What do we do with the information you have given us?
    We are constantly working to make our website better to serve you.

  4. How do we safeguard your personal information?
    Never, ever, ever will we disclose your Personal Information to a third party.

  5. Do we use cookies?
    We store your choices in cookies for future visits to better understand your needs. Visitors' browser types and other information tailor our web page content to their specific needs.

  6. Are there any email addresses or sign-up forms required for this site?
    When downloading from our site, you don't need to enter any personal information, such as an email address or password; therefore, you have nothing to share with him.

  7. Ads from Third-Party Vendors?
    Third parties, like ad networks, advertisers, advertising agencies, and audience segment suppliers, select and deliver some of the advertisements you see on the site. These third parties may gather information about your online activities through cookies and web beacons, whether on the site or elsewhere. They may use this information to understand your interests better and target you with advertisements based on those interests. This privacy statement does not apply to the abovementioned activities carried out by unaffiliated third parties.

  8. Have you made any changes or updates to your privacy statement?
    Our privacy policy page will be updated if we change our privacy policy.

  9. Do we host any of the site's content?
    Only public information is available on our site; we do not host any content.

Privacy for Children

Because we respect your right to privacy, we did not request any personally identifiable information, such as your name, email address, or physical address. When it comes to protecting the privacy of minors, we take things very seriously. That's why we won't accept any content from anyone under the age of 13, and we'll delete it as soon as we uncover it.

We never ask for or collect any personal information from you. We place a high value on protecting children's privacy and enabling them to use the Internet safely. We encourage parents and guardians to watch their children's online activities and participate in them.

Copyright and Content Management

As a result, we do not store any data from social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest on our servers; instead, we provide only openly available information. Content creators deserve our respect, and we do not host their work on our servers. By uploading their work on platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest, creators retain ownership of the rights to their work.

Under the Act, individuals have a right to privacy (Do Not Sell My Personal Information)

The Privacy Act requires businesses to disclose the categories and specific pieces of personal data they have collected about customers (CCPA). Personal information about customers might be requested to be deleted from a company's database. Solicit that a company that sells a customer's personal information refrain from doing so. We'll get back to you within one month if you make a request. Please get in touch with us if you wish to use any of these options.

The GDPR Data Protection Rights

If you have any questions about your privacy, please don't hesitate to contact us. Every user has the following rights:

  • ou have the right to seek a copy of your data.
  • The right to be informed. A small cost may be required to use this service.
  • If you believe your personal information has been misused, you have the right to have it removed from our databases.
  • If you believe that your personal information is being misused, you have the right to request that we stop using it.
  • Under some circumstances, you have the right to request that we stop processing your data.
  • We can send your data to another organization or directly to you if you meet specific requirements for data portability.
  • A person can request that information that they believe is erroneous be corrected. If you feel that any information we have is incomplete, you can make a formal request that we complete it for you. We'll get back to you within one month if you make a request. Please get in touch with us if you wish to use any of these options.


We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and 17 U.S.C. 512 regarding intellectual property ("DMCA"). All notices of copyright violations will be dealt with by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other intellectual property laws.

To have your copyrighted work removed from our website, you must email us the information stated in the following section. Our site contains copyrighted material, and if you misrepresent this information, you could be held accountable for damages (including expenses and attorneys' fees). We recommend that you first seek the advice of a lawyer in this situation.

Your claim for copyright infringement must include the following elements:

  • • Prove who is allowed to act on behalf of the exclusive right holder whose rights are allegedly violated.
  • • Make sure you've given us accurate and up-to-date contact information so we can get in touch with you. Email addresses must also be included.
  • • Recognize the copyrighted job in adequate detail, and provide at least one search phrase under which the item appears in our website's search results in your notice of copyright infringement.
  • • A statement that the complaint has a reasonable belief that the use of the work in question is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by the law
  • • It is also necessary to prove that the complainant is allowed to act on behalf of a copyright owner suspected of having been infringed upon.
  • • Must be signed by the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly being infringed upon.

Contact us to file an infringement notice

A response to your email will take between one and three business days. Our Internet Service Provider may not be able to help you quickly if you send an email to them with your complaint, so please be aware of this fact before you do so.


We use industry-standard encryption to keep your information safe. When you submit them on the website, there are safeguards to protect your details.
Please contact us if you need any additional information or queries regarding our privacy policies.